The Ultimate Kitchen Countertops


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Your kitchen is undeniably the most useful and potentially beautiful room in your house. Not only is it where you consistently spend the most time every morning and evening, but it serves as the heart of your home for family gatherings, holidays, and parties of every kind. While many people get used to their existing kitchen countertops, these same people often fail to realize how much better they could be and how they can drastically increase their home’s value. When I was thinking of the best places to put money into, regarding my house, I settled on the kitchen for a couple of reasons. First and foremost, it’s the room where many potential homebuyers will make a beeline to, and judge away. A remodeled kitchen with the right countertops can seal the deal, upping your home’s worth. Even if you are not planning on selling your home anytime soon, the kitchen should be the first room on your list of renovations. Secondly, after much research, I realized that my previous kitchen countertops were not providing me with the features I should be utilizing every day in my kitchen. I was working for my countertops rather than having them work for me.

Quartz Countertops: The Workhorse of the Kitchen

The first thing that came to my attention when I first scoured my house for potential renovations were my kitchen countertops. I hadn’t even been living in my house very long and they looked like they had taken decades of beatings. With (what I think) is normal kitchen activity, countertops should be able to stand up to the task.

Quartz countertops are made by specifically engineering the stone’s structure for countering surfaces. While marble and granite have long been the staple of the countertop industry, this engineered stone is poised to take over the mantle and has already been rapidly gaining popularity over the last several years. Be sure to read up on quartz countertop andCaesarstonereviews before making your decision.

Caesarstone has long been a leading manufacturer of quartz surfaces for kitchens and bathrooms around the world. When researching the absolute toughest countertops on the market, my search ended here. Out of everywhere I have looked, Caesarstone offers the most state of the art quartz surfacing. One of the primary reasons I went with quartz was because of its durability. Unlike natural stones, quartz is naturally stain, scratch, chip, and burn resistant. Now, you would think this would be a no brainer for all countertops. Unfortunately, the more expensive stones like granite and marble don’t fare very well against common kitchen mishaps such as falling silverware or spilled coffee. Also, unlike natural stones, quartz requires no costly annual sealing process. Considering I’m no iron chef in the kitchen, durability was a chief concern for me. I’ve had my Caesarstone countertops for a little over a year and I can assure you, they’ve but put through the ringer. I’m happy to report after multiple sliding plates, spilled juices, and dropped knives, my quartz countertops look as beautiful and strong as they did the first day I had them custom installed.


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Custom Beauty

Understandably, the drawing power of stones like marble and granite are their all-natural look. What many people, including myself until recently, didn’t know was that quartz comes in a near limitless array of color and texture options. Depending on the existing colors in your kitchen you will want plenty of wiggle room when deciding on your countertops. Considering they take up the most surface area in the room, they’re going to be very visible. Another advantage of opting for quartz is that it is scientifically engineered to deliver a diverse palette of colors, edging options, and textures for literally any kitchen’s style. Whether you want the natural, speckled look of stone or a creamy, smooth finish, quartz has it, guaranteed. Personally, I went for lighter toned countertops (Caesarstone’s Cosmopolitan White 5130) to compliment my darker cabinets and I couldn’t be happier with the completed look. For a complete look at Caesarstone’s diverse color palette, check out Caesarstone reviews.

Easy Cleaning

While everyone wants their countertops to remain looking good for as long as possible, what’s even more important is how easy they are to maintain. Quartz’s surface is non-porous, meaning there are no tiny capillaries for germs and bacteria to fester in for weeks on end. Natural stones are porous, containing thousands of small pores throughout their surface, which only help harbor bacteria and make it more difficult to clean. Additionally, quartz does not require any costly, specialized detergents to keep clean. Any gentle household detergent will swiftly wipe away all the germs sitting prone on the surface of your counter. This not only keeps your kitchen looking spotless, but saves you tons of time scrubbing.

The kitchen is the engine room of home gatherings, where the energy is highest and the laughs are loudest. It is for this reason that I chose to have my countertops replaced with quartz to supercharge my home’s engine. You would be amazed at the difference only new countertops can make. I never changed any appliances, cabinets, or tiling. With new counters, my entire kitchen looks brand new. If you are planning on a home remodel, I urge you to consider upgrading to quartz countertops. It is an investment in your home that has potential to sky rocket the value, along with supplying you and your family a sturdy, stunning, and practical cooking space for years to come.

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For the most recent quartz countertop reviews, I used Caesarstone reviews to help me make my decision. When making this kind of long-term investment, it is wise to evaluate all of the options in front of you to make the best possible and most educated decision. Enjoy and happy cooking!

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